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Training and Teaching

Online Teaching Module Childhood Dysarthria

We offer a freely available online teaching module providing information on childhood dysarthria, a condition that has gathered little attention in research and teaching so far. The website contains basic facts on the disorder, it illustrates approaches for assessment and treatment, and it offers a listening training for visitors in order to improve auditory evaluation skills.

Internship at EKN

The EKN offers research-internships which are related to current projects of the EKN. The trainees will get an insight into research issues and methods in the field of present neurophonetic and neurolinguistic research.

Bachelor and master thesis

Students have the possibility to do their bachelor or master thesis under the guidance of an EKN-staff. Usually the thesis pursue an empirical research target integrated in a current EKN-project and will be closely supervised. The students will get an instruction for independent scientific work.