Clinical Neuropsychology Research Group (EKN)

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Clinical Neuropsychology Research Group (EKN)

Persons who have sustained brain lesions often suffer from impairments of speech and language or of nonverbal modes of communication, such as hand gestures.

Investigation of these dysfunctions may illuminate how the brain works and may contribute to a better understanding of the cognitive and motor bases of verbal and nonverbal communication. Furthermore, they may promote the development of theoretically founded treatment approaches.

The Research Group Clinical Neuropsychology (EKN) conducts research projects dealing with these impairments, and with the development of new methods for their assessment and treatment.

The EKN had been established as a research group at the Clinic for Neuropsychology of the City Hospital Munich, Bogenhausen, and is since October 2015 part of the IPS. EKN-research is mainly sponsored by the German Research Association (DFG).