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Loss of semantic processing abilities after brain damage - standardization of an assessment tool

Dr. Katharina Hogrefe


Disorders in semantic processing have a massive impact on quality of life as they may cause difficulties in naming and problems in the identification of certain properties of objects. Despite these challenging consequences for everyday life there is a lack of standardized assessment tools in the German speaking countries. There is a strong need for an assessment tool that measures semantic processing skills independent of verbal-expressive or –receptive disorders to enable a tailored treatment.
The main aim of the current project is to fill this gap. We develop an assessment tool for nonverbal semantic processing skills incorporating semantic sorting tasks, a drawing task, and a pantomime task. The test will be standardized for healthy persons as well as for persons with brain damage. The assessment tool builds upon existing and already broadly applied tests. Normative data for 194 healthy persons (stratified for age, education, and sex) is available. We will collect data from three patient groups: persons with severe aphasia after stroke, persons with Alzheimer’s dementia, and persons with frontotemporal dementia.



This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research - BMBF

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